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The Birth of Medusa’s Sting

In Greek mythology, anyone gazing on this gorgon would turn to stone. But for Paloma Sanchez, a gifted jewelry designer, Medusa is an inspirational and magnificent 39.18-carat opal.
Lise Floris
13,January, 2020
Art & Literature


“Never liked that nursery adage: Ignorance Is Bliss. It seems to Dumb down and degrade our capacity for true joy.” (Lisa Ann Markuson, an excerpt from January's WS Magazine)
Rose McInerney
6,January, 2020

Find Peace at Home

Whatever was lost in the turkey was found in the Christmas catalogs. Remember those? Weeks before Christmas my siblings and I spent hours flipping through pages of toy dreams.
Rose McInerney
20,December, 2019
Art Cards

Dreaming of Peace

Find simple joys in everyday life. Scenes like the one depicted by Lizzie Lason Mack, an English artist from the 19th century, remind us that beauty lives in nature and peace prospers when…
Rose McInerney
16,December, 2019