FREEDOM | Vol. 05


If you are tired of worrying and feeling like the world has unraveled, rediscover what hope and freedom can be in our latest issue of WS FREEDOM.  Everyday people build incredible change and you can too.

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Talking about freedom used to be easy.

It’s not anymore. I realize how lazy I’ve been, how much I’ve taken for granted by living and traveling with few restrictions. Those days are gone, as health care workers fight for life, the number of people living in poverty and homelessness escalates, and the effects of fear and isolation weigh heavily on our uncertain future.

We hope this issue of WomanScape speaks to the challenges of staying hopeful and inspired. It’s not easy to break through the physical and mental limitations. But together, we can do it. As we witness protests around the world, from the streets of San Paolo to the squares in Berlin and Vienna, we see people rightfully asking questions and demanding answers from their leaders.
Ironically, this issue on FREEDOM was planned in 2019 before the maelstrom of this COVID pandemic. Who could have guessed at the economic, social and political chaos we’re facing? Balancing the rights and freedoms of so many competing and compelling interests with respect, safety and the well-being of everyone will be difficult.

But if we turn to history and the lessons from changemakers, we witness the powerful strength that lies within each of us. Our website is packed with hundreds of stories about fighting for justice, freedom and equality, all in the name of bettering our world.
In this issue, you will be inspired by Dr. Bronwyn King, who is butting out the tobacco industry. You’ll meet Shermin Kruse, challenging models of leadership in our new age. You’ll read about Simone De Beauvoir who called out the invisibility of women in the 1940s. Her legacy continues in Jen Kober, a rising comedic star who models how women can and should take center stage in the arts world.

Be filled with hope by my transformative trip to Africa and the joyful success stories in Foodscape. Be moved by award-winning journalist, Sonia Nazario, and our very own Yara Zgheib, whose confrontation with liberty underscores the gravity of heart-wrenching challenges faced by so many.
Let’s take our fight for justice, equality and freedom to every corner of our world. Arm yourselves with conviction, courage, and the knowledge that we are all extraordinary and capable of building real change. If we become the things we dwell on, as Oprah Winfrey reminds us, let it be greatness.

Sending you wishes for health, wisdom and inspiration,

Rose McInerney


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