Decades: A Century of Fashion 1st Edition


What Cameron Silver doesn’t know about fashion is not worth knowing. For fifteen years he has owned Decades, the renowned vintage boutique on Melrose Avenue, hunting the world for couture from decades past, matching gorgeous red-carpet gowns to actresses including Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. In Decades, Silver commits all his sartorial knowledge to paper in an over-sized, visually stunning book: ten chapters, each devoted to the iconic looks of a decade.

Josephine Baker and Zelda Fitzgerald show off their legs in the 20s; Jackie O embodies feminine polish in the 60s; Calvin Klein’s minimalism meets Jacobs’ grunge remix in the 90s. This true fashion bible includes original designer sketches and patterns and photos of rare couture as styled decades ago and today. There are contributions from and interviews with movie stars, models, and style icons, fashion editors and revered designers. Decades is a fashion treasure: a century of colorful history to inspire the stylish of today for years to come.


“An alluring visual record of how a legend wears her clothes.” ―New York Times

“An editorialized take on twentieth-century fashion in away that befits the legacy he’s created at Decades.” ―

“A chic book, its own supermodel of sorts: tall and slim and faintly exotic. Inside, each of the 10 chapters revisits styles of a different era, all in Silver’s knowledgeable, slighly sardonic voice.” ―C Magazine

“Cameron Silver know more than a thing or two about shopping vintage – he knows almost everything. And he’s putting all of that expertise into his new book Decades: A Century of Fashion, which explores the history of the genre decade by decade, and the lessons vintage can teach about fashion today.” ―Instyle

“[Silver] pays tribute to the iconic styles of the past hundred years in lavish, loving detail, zooming in on fabrics, trims and silhouettes.” ―Entertainment Weekly

“Visually stunning…It’s an education about the people who create fashion but also the people who bring the looks to life, which, in this decade dominated by the Hollywood red carpet, is more important than ever.” ―LA Times

“This hefty and gorgeous coffee table book has Silver’s flashy personality all over it and contains inspiring photographs of iconic women of decades past, interviews with celebrities and Silver’s own words of satorial wisdom. Want to become an expert on vintage fashion? Read this.” ―Fashionista

“VERDICT Beautiful color and black-and-white illustrations of clothing and fashion photography are included, and the book is longer and larger than most tomes on fashion. This is best for readers who want a well-illustrated general overview of 20th-century women’s fashion but are not too concerned with a detailed or in-depth account of the subject.” ―Sandra Rothenberg, Framingham State College Library, MA

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