Catskill Provisions Raw Wildflower, Fall Honey


This fall honey is a dark, rich honey harvested in mid-autumn when bees feed on chestnut, maple, goldenrod, sunflowers, cornflowers, asters, and daises.

It’s perfect with tea, cocktails, hard cheeses, and buttered toast.

Catskill Provisions Honey is the 2018 Winner of the NYC Honeyfest. This kosher honey is raw and never heated to maintains all of the antioxidants and amino acids that are lost in large-scale produced honey. Once you try raw, pure honey, you won’t have it any other way.

You can read more about Claire’s story in WS by clicking this link to learn about all the amazing things she is doing!

Located in a small corner of the Northwest Catskill Mountains, Catskill Provisions is a artisanal food and craft spirits company.  Their philosophy that a thriving society makes use of the closest resources around it. Within Sullivan, Delaware County and surrounding areas, we source as many materials from local purveyors as we can while employing people from within our community.

Catskill Provisions continues to grow their list of clients that is comprised of farm-to-table restaurants, hotels, and specialty stores that also subscribe to a sustainable mindset. Our Pancake Mix is Organic wheat grown and milled in New York goes into every hand-packed bag within 30 days of milling. Made in small batches, each package has tried and true recipes for light fluffy pancakes, blinis and waffles.


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