Art Cards

The Birth of Medusa’s Sting

In Greek mythology, anyone gazing on this gorgon would turn to stone. But for Paloma Sanchez, a gifted jewelry designer, Medusa is an inspirational and magnificent 39.18-carat opal.
Lise Floris
13,January, 2020
Art Cards

Dreaming of Peace

Find simple joys in everyday life. Scenes like the one depicted by Lizzie Lason Mack, an English artist from the 19th century, remind us that beauty lives in nature and peace prospers when…
Rose McInerney
16,December, 2019
Avante-garde, artworld, Sonia Delaunay, Orphism, Cubism, Marilyn Monroe, Tate Modern Musuem, Electric Prison, gender roles, #women artists, #womeninartArt Cards

Designing Success

Sonia Delaunay revolutionized the way we see color and patterns by incorporating them into housewares, textiles, wallcoverings and everyday objects like an artist who paints the world.
Rose McInerney
25,November, 2019
Art Cards

Witches of Science

Celebrating Emilie du Châtelet who did the unthinkable and could have been declared a witch for speaking six languages and studying math and science.
Rose McInerney
28,October, 2019