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WomanScape is a living library of women making history. We highlight the leadership stories of women from the past and the present to inspire more meaningful communities dedicated to fostering greater equality, justice and shared happiness.

By leveraging our financial and media resources to improve the success of our modern-day history makers, WS supports their program initiatives and the fulfillment of our mission.

Follow Rose and the team for real-time updates

Track their journey, read letter’s from the arctic and check out their amazing photo’s as they progress on the trip.

True Patriot Love

Adventure For a True Cause

In 2018, WomanScape supported women saving our oceans from plastic pollution. In 2019, WomanScape invites you to snowshoe 100 km with us in the Arctic for True Patriot Love in support of military veterans and their families.

We invite
 you to join us. 

2019 Arctic Expedition

About the Journey

From April 1 – 14th, an ALL-WOMEN group of veterans from the Canadian Armed Forces together with business and community leaders will trek to the Arctic region of Baffin Island to snowshoe 100 km in -30 degree temperatures. The trek will raise $1 million for the non-profit, True Patriot Love (TPL).

Veterans and civilians will participate in a mentorship program to fund health programs for veterans and their families. Funding includes treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and job retraining.

WomanScape will be there to share the challenges of our Canadian and U.S. veterans, whether its transitioning to civilian life or families dealing with physical and mental health issues.  WS cares.


As WS Founder, Rose McInerney prepares for the journey to the Arctic region of Baffin Island, WS will bring you along to:

April 1-2: 

Arrive in Ottawa for a welcome dinner and gear check before team flight to Qikiqtarjuaq (Qik), Nunavut (formerly Broughton Island).

April 3: 

Meet the local people and final preparations before departure.

April 4: 

Snowmobile transfer across frozen sea ice to the expedition starting point at the end of North Pangnirtung Fjord.

April 5-10: 

Travel the Akshayuk Pass, witnessing massive glaciers from the Penny Ice Cap and magical cylindrical tower of Mount Asgard. Descend the frozen Weasel River and pass Windy Lake before crossing the Arctic Circle. Next, snowshoe past Crater Lake toward the final destination at Overlord – a majestic peak overlooking the trailhead on the shore of Cumberland Sound. (Approximate daily travel = 15km)

April 11-12: 

Local Inuit guides take the team to the village of Pangnirtung to experience the Inuit culture and tour the Pangnirtung Art Co-operative and Rangers.

Day 13 & 14

Contingency day if needed, and community center visit before team flight back to Ottawa.  Expedition is complete.

What WE Can Do Together

WS Founder Rose McInerney will share her journey and preparations to the Arctic region of Baffin Island. Here’s where YOU come in:

  • MEET some of the  amazing Canadian and American female veterans;
  • SHARE with friends and family on your social media feeds by tagging @Womanscape, @TPLFoundation, and other featured organizations;
  • HELP us raise funds; and,
  • VOLUNTEER with True Patriot Love or your local community organization that supports our veterans and their families.

How You Can Join Us

Donate to Rose’s TPL (True Patriot Love) page to help her raise $50,000.  Rose has already paid for the trip, her equipment and a personal $15,000 sponsor fee


Know a female veteran willing to share her story or a company that would sponsor this cause? Contact us at: Rose@womanscape.com

It’s Personal for Rose

Rose’s adoptive son Marcus attended West Point Military Academy before passing away in a tragic accident in 2012 after his second year. She also lost a brother Tom to suicide in 2016; he served as a paramedic for 20+ years with Toronto EMS.

Rose has Canadian and American citizenship, and sees the daily sacrifices of our peacekeeping and emergency forces in service to others.

About the Expedition

If you want to receive SPECIAL updates from Rose during her 100 km expedition through the Ashayuk Pass on Baffin Island, join our subscriber list HERE.  Our tech team will share photos and progress updates about the Arctic wilderness, the Inuit people and the journey.



Asgard mountain

Meet Sheila Miller

The Veterans

Follow Rose and the team for real-time updates

Track their journey, read letter’s from the arctic and check out their amazing photo’s as they progress on the trip.