Congratulations to the Baffin 2019 Arctic Team on their success in Nunavut

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Letters from the Arctic
1,April, 2019

Nunavut Here We Come

We are off to Nunavut. First stop Ottawa, where the Baffin 2019 team will enjoy a group dinner and pack their food rations for the trip.
Letters from the Arctic
3,April, 2019

April 3rd: Qik’ing About in Qik!

Tuesday was a planned travel day to get to Qikiqtarjuaq  but the weather did not agree. Our team made it to Iqulait only to be stranded for the rest of the day.
Letters from the Arctic
5,April, 2019

Friday, April 5th: The Beginning – the Akshayuk Pass

HAPPENINGS: This is the most exciting and quite possibly the most treacherous day. The first two miles are the place where we’re most likely to meet polar bears. The danger is real because…
Letters from the Arctic
9,April, 2019

Tuesday, April 9: Summit Lake to Thor Peak

It’s all downhill from here - as far as distance is concerned. With a little over 20 km to go by day’s end, our team should be feeling good and dreaming about the…
Letters from the Arctic
12,April, 2019

Friday, April 12: We Did It!

The 100 km snowshoe trek is done!!! We did it! Today is a snowmobile transport into Pangnirtung followed by hotel free time - aka a shower! There is a town celebration planned mid-afternoon…
Letters from the ArcticWomen Leaders
22,April, 2019

Letters from the Arctic: Why We Explore?

Ann Bancroft made history as the first woman to reach the North Pole on foot and by dogsled in 1986.
Baffin IslandLetters from the ArcticWomen Leaders
23,April, 2019

Komituk into the Night pt. 1

On Thursday, April 4th, this was all I could think of as my butt slammed up and down inside the simply constructed Inuit-made komatik.
Baffin IslandLetters from the ArcticWomen Leaders
24,April, 2019

Komatik into the Night pt. 2

As the wind gently rock our red tent forward and backward, I realized how much we are at the mercy of nature. It was about survival now and learning to let go.
Baffin IslandLetters from the ArcticWomen Leaders
25,April, 2019

The Stars in Nunavut

Standing outside of Qikiqtarjuaq’s Inn’s North with a few of the women from our team, I looked up at the night sky.
Baffin IslandLetters from the ArcticWomen Leaders
26,April, 2019

The Red Tent in the Arctic

I love our Arctic tent because it reminds me of Anita Diamant’s book The Red Tent.
Baffin IslandLetters from the ArcticLifestyle
27,April, 2019

Saturday is for Fishing

Saturday is for fishing. That’s what we were told when our expedition team traveling in a giant convoy of 10 komatiks arrived in Pangnirtung on Friday, April 12th.
Baffin IslandLetters from the ArcticWomen Leaders
4,May, 2019

On the Edge Eating Sushi Seal

I stood on the edge of Cher’s nowhere feeling like it’s the biggest somewhere I’d ever been. Out front, relief clung to my frozen breath and swollen eyes - reminders from our frigid…