Psychologists tell us that dreams are the source of many things we play out while we sleep.

They signal a need for growth, an expression of feelings, or a place for our hopes.

This month, WomanScape explores the theme of DREAM IT. We move from hope to action. Enjoy four unique stories of changemakers from diverse backgrounds who all navigate their dreams amidst the challenges of this world. Each reveal how our personal dreams also connect us to each other’s stories, just like this week’s celebration of John Lewis. In 1965, Lewis rose from that bridge in Selma and his work continued to help us to build new bridges towards equality and freedom.

WS Changemaker of the Week: ARRA by Aradhana

We’ll meet a designer, a freedom fighter, a business leader and a strategic consultant who built their dreams from the ground up. This week, we share the story of Aradhana of ARRA Designs. Her journey starts in India and, as she travels the world, she shows us the opportunities that come from being open to change and following your heart.

What’s Ahead

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