Someone finally managed to summarize Shermin Kruse when she was named “Woman Extraordinaire” in 2018 by the International Women Associates.

She is. Lawyer, humanitarian, entrepreneur, author, speaker, mother of four children, who fled Iran as a child herself after the revolution. Changemaker, peacebuilder, storyteller, previously featured on Womancape, Shermin has taken on a new challenge: Leadership in Challenging Times.

After twenty brilliant years practicing corporate law, working in strategic development, advocacy, brand protection, and dispute resolution for international and Fortune 500 Companies, climbing to the very top, Shermin took a good look around her and down.

And, she left her job. She had learned enough about organizations and their leadership to see that the traditional model no longer worked:

Our understanding of leadership today is hierarchical, pyramid shaped, topped by a leader striving for a vision of an ideal future.”

This version of leadership is limiting and ineffective.


You cannot innovate if you are standing on top of a triangle and yelling directions down. This excludes others and discourages them from making contributions […]. Excluding massive segments of our population is the best way to narrow the field of ideas, recycling the old ones and stagnating growth.


The model implies an anxious dissatisfaction with the status quo. […] No one wants that person for their leader, and no leader wants that life.

Leadership in the twenty-first century has to look different. It has to be real and has to be now.

This is how Shermin sees it:

Now more than ever, we need to Lead into tomorrow while living for today.”

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that.

My Reality Cubed, Shermin’s novel project, is a leadership development program that builds skills and connections necessary to guide industry and humanity amidst the tragedies and uncertainties of this worldwide pandemic:

We provide independent coaching, and bring together a curated and select group of high level executives, admitted on a referral basis. As Covid 19 ravages our species and brings our society to a halt, MRC forges leadership alliances that expand opportunities for professional and personal growth. And in that way, we capitalize on the full human potential of our leaders, enabling them to become visionaries in their industries and their lives.”

Shermin envisions leadership that finds joy in the present, is curious about its environment and eager to learn from and rise to any challenge. The first event of this leadership program will be a virtual event held on the 11th and 12th of September 2020:

Using various virtual and augmented reality technologies, a small group of applicants will be invited to

  • Deconstruct the leadership models of yesterday to transform organizations and their leaders
  • Learn, connect, and engage with others to build a superior professional, physical, emotional, and relational self
  • Abandon the familiar methods of past success
  • Embrace the discomfort of curiosity: take professional and personal leaps.

It was time someone raised the typical mastermind peer-to-peer mentoring model to the next level and integrated 21st century leadership training compatible with a quarantine status. That upgrade is My Reality Cubed.”

Lead into tomorrow, while living for today.” Change is scary, but fear can be good:

We must not be afraid of change. It is, after all, the only constant. The question is which direction that change takes. Does it move us to our next phase of growth, or do we allow our fear to deter us from our path?

We each choose.

I have chosen to try to change the world, starting with myself,”

says this Woman Extraordinaire. Look out COVID-19! Come on world! My Reality Cubed launches in September 2020.

Yara Zgheib

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