What Happens When the World Goes Up In Smoke?

“When your life goes up in smoke, it’s time for a promotion.”

The pandemic and civil unrest of recent months have devastated our sense of security but what’s so beautifully inspiring about this comedic phrase is the unexpected good and revelatory opportunities just waiting for us to see them.

What happens when we wipe away the old is we elevate the new, as Nigel from the iconic Devil Wears Prada movie tells an emotionally crushed intern, Andrea (Anne Hathaway). Maybe you remember Stanley Tucci’s character Nigel – the chief consultant to the notoriously cruel and ruthless fashion magazine CEO Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep)? Nigel’s pep talk reminds is about seizing the moment and recognizing the chance to transform ourselves.

Join us this Wednesday, July 15th on WomanScape.com as we share the inspiring story of changemaker, Shermin Kruse. Kruse left a thriving twenty-year career in corporate law and an impressive body of work as a humanitarian, philanthropist, writer and TedX Speaker to wipe out old models of leadership. Kruse shows us how leadership in the twenty-first century has to look different. It has to be real and has to be now.

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