The light finds a way through the cracks.

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

These lyrics in Canadian songwriter, Leonard Cohen’s Anthem song remind us that freedom rings if we accept its imperfections. The path to justice has never been perfect but we should never forget we are brothers and sisters in this turmoil. So let’s start with questions – lots of them. How did we get here? History helps us to see the truth and to find a place to begin. Honesty, hope and justice will point the way.

Every Wednesday, WomanScape shares stories that speak to the light and the inspiring work of changemakers like this week’s Dr. Bronwyn King. As an oncologist treating patients in Australia, Dr. King learned her pension funds were being invested in tobacco companies. She decided to fight back -to change the industry killing her patients and draining the global healthcare system.

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Live artfully, stay safe, and God bless,

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