Can optimism be learned? If the incredible acts of global kindness and support for each other during this time of crisis are any indication, the answer is yes.

Every week I am inspired by love and kindness. Whether it is watching New Yorkers open their windows each night at 7 p.m. to serenade hospital workers, or “caremongers” in Spain and France mobilizing through social media to help the needy, it’s clear we are coming together and optimism lives.

Florence Scovel Shinn, an artist, author and spiritual thought leader born in Camden, New Jersey in 1871, believed in the power of positive thought. In her many books and writings about the laws of love, she explains how it can foster immunity, strength and resilience.

This week, WomanScape encourages you to volunteer from your heart and to give unconditionally to each other. Share, not to donate, but to make a difference. God bless and sending you continued wishes for health and inspiration,

Rose and the WomanScape team

Rose McInerney

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