When the world feels upside-down, embrace the opportunity to see it anew.

A special friend reminded me that this uncertain time provides a unique opportunity to see floating clouds and flowing water. As we search for self, inspiration and wisdom in this new world, we bring a new lens on what life means.

The image above does not capture the heroics of frontline workers across critical industries who are keeping us alive. Nor does it show the many challenges that need repair – displaced and unemployed workers, suffering families and devastating hardships from this unnatural state of being.

But what it does show is the need to embrace the power of our imaginations to rise above, to stay connected, and to dream – perchance to dream – of better days ahead.

God bless and sending wishes for health and renewal to each and every one of you, as we celebrate Easter, Passover and life,

Rose and the WomanScape team

Rose McInerney

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