“Resilience has nothing to do with how rich, how young or how physically strong you are.”

For writer Andrew Zolli, resilience comes from believing life has meaning. He argues our trials and sufferings teach, shape, and even improve our lives. Too idealistic sounding?

Maybe, during this difficult time when we struggle to make sense of the pain, fear, isolation and uncertainty. But history and personal experience consistently demonstrate our resilience. In fact, in times of crisis, research shows “an intensely human desire to help, to connect with others and to be a part of the solution.” We unite around purpose.

That’s why we’re regrouping at WomanScape. We are a voice of strength promoting the power of purpose through our stories of leadership, crisis and change. With the demands of COVID-19, we have decided to pause for a short time and reconsider how to improve our messaging, channels and service to you and the world.

Our new footing, for now, means creating a new plan while also taking more time for family, friends and community. It’s also an opportune time to support frontline workers risking their lives for us, and to support people whose economic security and faith are in peril. We must unite in whatever ways we can for the greater economic health and well-being of everyone.

Stay energized and prayerfully inspired. Know we are grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for your patience as we refocus, and we’ll see you soon. God bless,

Rose and the WomanScape Team

Rose McInerney

Author Rose McInerney

Rose combines her love of all things artfully-designed to connect women to a shared community of learning and a richer, more fulfilled self. As a passionate storyteller, published writer, and international traveler, Rose believes women can build a better world through powerful storytelling.

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