Amazing cell phone cameras and a desire to capture artful moments in life have turned many of us into picture-taking fiends.

While wonderful, it’s nothing like the all-consuming lenses of women artists featured this month in our WS series – A Lens on the World.

Women like Dorothea Lange and Prisscila Baxter have tackled some of the most challenging issues in history and around the world with their photographic art. This week’s incredible changemaker is no different. Cristina Mittermeier’s work is beautifully arresting, provocative and mind-altering.

WS Week Ahead: Photographer Cristina Mittermeier on Changing Mindsets

Step back in history tomorrow with our WS Art Card which celebrates Anna Atkins, an English botanist and photographer from the 19th century. Anna is considered one of the first people to publish a book using photographic illustrations.

Wednesday’s featured story by talented WomanScape Ambassador and global artist Arica Hilton, highlights Cristina Mittermeier – a coveted National Geographic spokeswomen and photographer. Her career as a biologist morphed into a a career in visual storytelling, using her photographic art. It’s garnered world-wide attention on wildlife conservation.

A photo offered to newsletter subscribers.  Photo credit: Cristina Mittermeier

Arica shares Cristina’s story using her own insightful lens as a successful artist and gallerist representing other leading talents in the art world.

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Standing proudly in celebration of the men and women working together to change world.

We pray you remain safe and healthy, and will continue to challenge you to find new purpose and meaning in life through the positive stories of people changing history.

Artfully yours,

Rose and the WomanScape Team

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