Who cares that Sunday, March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020?

Do global themes like this year’s “an equal world is an enabled world” really effect change?

Of course, I care and love our annual celebration and goal-setting for success but I know we need to do more if we want to truly move the dial on equity.  So let’s keep challenging stereotypes, fighting biases, and improving the participation and power of women in all aspects of life but do more by increasing the role and commitment of men to build change.

WS Week Ahead: Photographer Dorothea Lange

Monday’s WS Art Card featuring Dorotha Lange’s Mother and Child photograph underscores the power and politics of what is possible when we make room for new perspectives and challenge gender confines.

As one of America’s greatest photojournalists, Lange spoke out against social injustice with her photos.  She drew attention to the evils of the Depression Era and Japanese Internment Camps during WWII, helping people to feel the painful situations.

Wednesday, we share Lange’s transformative story and documentary style photos that brought the U.S.government to its knees. And don’t forget to check back on Friday, as Rose turns the camera on her own Kilimanjaro experience, sharing video footage and photos from Africa.

A husband and wife living in the Maasai culture (Photo Credit: R. McInerney)
A husband and wife living in the Maasai culture (Photo Credit: R. McInerney)

Kilimanjaro and WS Cares

Like so many changemakers, Lange’s powerful work showed her vested interest in creating change. New approaches can help us reframe persistent problems – like having men and women working together with a shared interest and access to greater success.

And speaking of success, let’s celebrate the Kilimanjaro climb to the top.  It’s undoubtedly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but the unique opportunity to work with a team of African guides and raise money for Rett Syndrome helped me believe I could do it.

Rose McInerney and Cindy Fabro at the Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro

Thanks to donors and supporters for digging deep and purchasing a WS magazine subscription. We’re already working on our next issue FREEDOM (available in April).  As always, it’s filled with entertaining articles and stories, including a special travel article incorporating Rose’s trip in Tanzania. Here’s a sneak preview of the welcome ceremony at the Maasai village.

Happy International Women’s Day and to all the men and women who continue to courageously fight for women to help hold up half the sky, thank you.


Rose & the WomanScape Team

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