I had a Great sleep, the stars in sky are amazing.  It’s more beautiful than the Arctic but there was hard rain through night.

This morning we left Shira Camp and headed to Lava Tower.

We had to climb up 800 feet and then go back down 300. Today really felt like it may be the day for sickness, this part of the journey is not an easy one.

What seemed like forever, we finally made it to Lava Tower and are now headed for Barranco. We will again go down and slightly up, and then back down to sleep in the higher altitude.

Editor’s Note: Follow Rose on her journey in near real time as we receive text message updates from her on her journey to climb for Rett’s Syndrome. Click the link below and see her position on the map as she makes her way to the summit.


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Purchase a copy of Bliss or any issue of WS magazine and 20% of the proceeds go the help fight this terrible disease.

Read more about Angel Ava and her battle with Rett Syndrome.

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