This is it! Tomorrow is the night! It’s when everything I’ve been training for, praying for and waiting for, happens. It’s Summit night!

Masai giraffe in front of Kilimanjaro at night

On Mount Kilimanjaro, this is the Holy Grail or what might be called the victory cup for months of training, determination and courage. Tackling one of the seven highest mountain summits in the world will feel great and is no laughing matter.

I say this because we’ve spent the month of February highlighting the accomplishment of women in comedy. When I watched Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wig do their set as presenters at this year’s 92nd Academy Awards, it reminded me why comedy is so important to the world but also for women who are fighting for equality on every front.

This month we highlighted women blazing a transformative path in the world of comedy. Women like Mitzi Shore gave comedians a stage and fostered the growth of many of the world’s most renown talents. Newcomers Ali Wong and Jen Kober have been climbing the comedy ladder using laughter to talk about important social issues like motherhood and gender identity. Ali’s millionaire success on Netflix has made her the highest paid female comedian, while Jen Kober’s North American comedy tour and acting parts in television hit shows and streaming channels bodes well for greater stardom.

Our final spotlight this week on Indo-Canadian Lily Singh shows us how people use laughter to feel connected and learn from each other. Lily shared her ideas, thoughts and creativity on her Superwoman YouTube channel but with her latest role as the host of A Little Late Night with Lily Singh, it will be interesting to see if Lily was better off (outside of the $$) doing her own show.

The glacier top I hope to see in the morning light.

Well, as we roll into the weekend ahead, I will be doing anything but laughing.

Saturday night, February 29th, I’ll make my final ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro. Let’s hope it’s not too cold when I reach the top of Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak. It’s an ice glacier so temperatures can range anywhere between 20 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’ll be checking in with my satellite phone, hoping to share a few words that celebrate success. Of course, I know nothing is guaranteed in life so keep praying and wishing me luck. For now, as we head into a brand new month on WomanScape, you are going to love the riveting “lens” we’ll shine of female photographers.

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Have a great weekend and I leave you with two choices for your video viewing. The first is a video by Lily Singh. It’s silly in Singh’s classic way – exaggerated character roles and ridiculous skits. Sometimes that’s what we need. But you may relate to some of the preparation that goes into travel like navigating airports and getting by in a foreign country. You decide.

The second video is by Petrena Schell, who shares highlights from her journey up Kilimanjaro. While many people have video posts detailing their personal journey, they all have one thing in common – sharing the mental fortitude needed to go the distance.

Petrena’s video is rather long at 15 minutes but just fast forward to the best bits and bobs.

The Struggles of Traveling Abroad by Lily Singh:

Climbing KIlimanjaro 2019 by Petrena Schell:

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