As I get ready to travel to Tanzania this coming Friday and set my sights on climbing Kilimanjaro, a voice in my head keeps reassuring me that I don’t have to be superwoman.

Remember life is about the totality of our experiences and give yourself permission to be human. Work hard and live with intention, knowing the battle scars from our pursuit of happiness will foster growth, integrity and self worth. And, thanks to this week’s featured comedian, Ali Wong, we can laugh all the way to these truths.

This Week on WomanScape

WS Art Card: Ferdina Jansen

Jansen’s provocative pop-art Wombtomb questions female independence and equality.

Changemaker, Ali Wong

Fearless Wong is the first female stand-up comedian to perform while pregnant.

Special Feature & Video

Rose heads to Tanzania and shares a wonderful marriage story of Kilimanjaro heights!

WS Cares, Letters from Kilimanjaro

As you know, WS Cares is headed to Africa to raise awareness and money for the Angel Ava Fund. This philanthropic endeavor is your invitation to journey and be a changemaker for Rett syndrome – a condition that affects 1 in every 10,000 to 15,00 live female births.

  • Donate to Angel Ava’s non-profit to fund research by clicking HERE.
  • Purchase a SUBSCRIPTION to WS Magazine and we’ll donate 20% of sales from our first two 2020 quarterly issues to the Angel Ava’s fund.
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We hope you learn and laugh this week on WomanScape. Thanks for your readership and support,

Signing off with the Swahili (the official language of Tanzania) words for “goodbye for now” – kwaheri kwa sasa.

Rose &

The WomanScape Team

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