Ever feel like happiness is a string of national holidays like Valentine Day, created to buoy our spirits and remind us to celebrate the material trinkets of love?

I admit Valentine’s Day used to seem like a good idea. It was a reminder and a welcomed chance to eat heart-shaped candies and open boxes of chocolate love. But as I get older, I’ve become more organically heart-healthy. Not just with my food but with my heart. I don’t wait to celebrate love. I cherish every day knowing it may be my last. Maybe this will disrupt our economy of love and holiday-infused ways to prop up morale and meaning but I believe we’ve evolved.

So here’s a thought: what if we inject more love and laughter into the holiday and worry less about flowers, candy and heart-shaped somethings. Let’s take the pressure off relationship-based love, and focus on self-love and communal joy.

To me, this makes more sense in our age of mindfulness and embracing Eckert Tolle’s The Power of Now, especially when you learn the first Valentine celebration originated in 496 as a Roman festival (Lupercalia) to mark the start of spring. I know I’m not alone after reading Betty White’s If You Ask Me book. It’s filled with love, wisdom and laughter from a lifetime of lessons.

Today, WomanScape revels in the talents of Jen Kober, this week’s featured comic and powerful changemaker. She’s profiled in our upcoming April magazine issue, FREEDOM, as a testament to following your dreams and embracing your true self. It doesn’t hurt that Jen won NPR’s 2018 comedy show and her virtuoso talent will have you laughing away your stress.

Disclaimer: The video is for mature audiences. Happy Friday and show others and the world that you love them, each and every day.

Rose McInerney

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