Today’s video speaks to the creative power, determination and talent of Mitzi Shore.

Photo credit: The Comedy Store

Mitzi’s son, Pauly, is an American actor, comedian and entertainer whose created today’s video to pay tribute to his mother. Pauly captures her story and the history of The Comedy Store. Mitzi played such a transformative role in the industry that she’s been dubbed the fairy godmother of comedy. No surprise given the laughter she brought to the world and all the support she gave to young artists.

Mitzi welcomed these comics into her life like family members and many of them went on to become some of the greatest names in show business. Words of praise from legends like Robin Williams and David Letterman illustrate Mitzi’s lasting legacy.

As I continue to see women move in larger numbers to the forefront of the comedy industry, with chart-topping shows like the Marvelous Mrs. Mazel and Fleabag, their success proves that comedy has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with talent. Thanks Mitzi for blazing a trail.


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