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A Chocolate Galaxy of Happiness

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“A little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness.”

Francesco Petrarca, Italian Lyrical Poet (1304-1374)

“Made of chocolate, I am,” says Yoda. Artist is HAKAN MARTENSSON

I’m sure Petrarca did not have Yoda in mind when he wrote his lyrical songs of poetry,

but Swedish chef and chocolatier certainly captured the multifaceted

beauty of chocolate in his ode to Star Trek.

Farewell Star Wars but no need to stop loving chocolate. It’s one of the savory treats in life that brings us happiness. Hoping you enjoy this tantalizing WS Art Card and our Cacao 70 Foodscape article this Friday, “From Bean to Chocolate Bliss”, as featured in WomanScape’s BLISS magazine.

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