Happiness is a song, a photo, a taste, a smell, a place, an experience.

To know it, is to feel it, but to build it, can be daunting.

We say small steps and big thoughts at WomanScape. This week, explore the roots of happiness from different angles:

  • Monday, WS marries the pain and spirit of Kacey Kells with the wisdom of Maya Angelou;
  • Wednesday, change-maker Dr. Jay Kumar explains The Science of the Happy Brain; and,
  • Friday, Tuula Jalasjaa, the founder of the Women’s Collection, shares the currency of financial health. De-stress with her expert advice and improve your well-being.

We know powerful, personal stories can shape your BLISS, one day and one story at a time.

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Build happiness for the inside out, to help foster a better world.

Gratefully inspired,

Rose &

The WomanScape Team

Rose McInerney

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