“Never liked that nursery adage: Ignorance Is Bliss. It seems to
Dumb down and degrade our capacity for true joy.”
(Lisa Ann Markuson, an excerpt from acrostic poem about BLISS in January’s WS Magazine)

Photo credit: MarcoCochranesculpture.net

Bliss Dance, an art installation by American artist, Marco Cochrane (2010). The sculpture speaks to Lisa Ann’s poem on BLISS and the energy and industry of women and men, who find happiness in their connectivity to the world.

Ars Poetica founder and poet extraordinaire, Lisa Ann Markuson created this special BLISS poem to help WomanScape kick off a new decade of inspired happiness. Her poem is part of a larger collection of inspiring articles and artful stories around people building positive change in the world.

To purchase your copy of BLISS magazine, click HERE. Thanks, Lisa Ann for inspiring us to see the happiness that comes from working together and appreciating the value of community. We hope Lisa Ann’s insight helps you seek out connections and shared happiness for 2020.

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