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BLISS is the first of our quarterly magazines for 2020. It’s packed with new contributors, articles and stories to create a more inspired, positive you.

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Know we’ll continue to provide free content on WomanScape from BLISS throughout the month, but your subscription helps us to meet costs and provide great content that also supports positive programming (giving 20% of our sales) for women and girls.

Highlights from this new issue include interviews with:

Dr. Jay Kumar and the Science of the Happy Brain. His new book is a must for understanding why so many of us are angry, isolated and suffering from depression.

Integrated Health Coach and author, Maria Marlowe, a well-known television and print personality whose The Real Food Grocery Guide will help build your healthiest you.

A new column by Tuula Jalasjaa, the founder of The Women’s Collection, Canada’s premier female-focused financial literacy and investment platform.

A new poetry corner with Lisa Ann Markuson, the founder of Ars Poetic, a company that brings language to life through, entertainment and events around the world.

Additional stories about artists, travel, food, philosophy and people. Each of these stories will change how you see the world and light up your life.

Week Ahead & WS Cares

Photo of Ava with sister Clara Facchinelli

Join us for Monday’s WS Art Card dispelling the notion that ignorance is bliss. Wednesday, we kick off happiness with an unbelievable changemaker who found peace and crossed religious divides as a celebrated Zen Saint in Tokyo. Friday, we’ll share the moving story and a family video of Ava, a brave young girl who defies a condition called Rett Syndrome.

Cheers to new conversations and opportunities for self-reflection as we share the progress and stories of women in our changing world. Let happiness begin within each of us as we find ways to build a better world, together.

Gratefully inspired,

Rose &

The WomanScape Team

Rose McInerney

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Rose combines her love of all things artfully-designed to connect women to a shared community of learning and a richer, more fulfilled self. As a passionate storyteller, published writer, and international traveler, Rose believes women can build a better world through powerful storytelling.

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