Why sing of silent and holy nights?

Silent night
It was December 23rd, 1818 and the organ inside St. Nicholas Church was broken. The first few chords from today’s celebrated Silent Night or Stille Nacht as it was known in Oberndorf, Austria, were strummed on a guitar.

Holy night
Pastor John Franz Mohr walked up the hillside meditating on the Christmas eve service and the angels who had announced the birth of the Messiah to shepherds watching over their sheep.

All is calm
The poem came simply as he looked down on the peaceful, snow-covered village below. Mohr gave the words to Franz Gruber, the church organist, and the simple melody for Mohr’s Christmas poem was born.

All is bright
The singing Rainer and the Strasser families – added Silent Night to their repertoires and shared them with Kings and Queens, peasants and nobles, people of all faiths and geographies.

Celebrating Silent Night

Sing with us during our last week of storytelling on WomanScape 2019 before we go silent for the rest of the year. Enjoy Monday’s WS Art Card with a quote from John Lennon, who reminds us what it means to dream of peace. His words, alongside a festive scene by 19th century English artist, Lizzie Lawson Mack, rekindle the innocence and wonder of winter.

(Photo of the rebuilt St. Nicholas Church (1930s) in Oberndorf, Austria; the site of the first Stille Nacht performance in 1818.)

Wednesday, we share a contextual history and ode to Silent Night by Yara Zgheib. This is the last in her popular Silent Night series this month. Each has captured the imagination and paradoxical beauty of silence, in its golden and tarnished states.

Friday’s video is a personal reflection of Christmas past and the shared experience of John Lennon’s first son, Julian. He talks about forgiveness and understanding on the CBS Morning Show (2010) and helps us to see how time can shape peace over war.

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May God bless and keep you in holiday spirit of hope and renewal. Happy holidays and all the best in 2020,

Rose and the WomanScape Team

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