Silence can offer space for refuge and healing when it rests peacefully under our control. But what if it doesn’t? The 1960s American folk-rock duo, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel captured the toxic side of silence in the words of their popular hit song, The Sounds of Silence:

Hello, darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again.

The song captures the dark corners of silence and the pain that lasts when there are no bridges to build over troubled water. So where do we go from here? We look to the stories of others and their uncompromising strength. We celebrate the women who dared to break the silence.

Second Week of December: Celebrating Women

As we step into the second week of December, we saw an overwhelming response from readers about their desire to reflect. We all crave peace and contemplation, especially when silence isn’t always golden. Suffering and restrictions on our freedom of movement, development, and progress hold women and men back – the world suffers.

To this end, we must never stop caring about women who are silenced, whether by violence or discrimination. Together, men and women must shape new conversations and protect our health, our hearts, and our minds.

Consider December’s binge-worthy list of streaming shows. Well into the sixth episode of Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston’s powerful Morning Show series on Amazon Prime, I see hope. Cast member Steve Carrell is a man fired for sexual misconduct and he wants to tell his side of the story. The gray areas about who is responsible for exploitive behavior, silenced voices and damaging social constructs are up for discussion.

Join us Monday as we consider the graphic artwork of artist Barbara Kruger in our WS Art Card. Wednesday, Yara Zgheib honors women in history who refused to be silenced, and Friday’s video comes from Jackson Katz, an author, filmmaker, educator. Katz specializes in media literacy and believes men are responsible for society’s violence against women.

WS Magazine & WS Travel

This week’s video is a Travel Escape from Shanghai, China. My short video is fun and gives you a sense of Shanghai’s shopping concourse and beautiful waterfront area along the Bund. It’s the biggest tourist attraction and new buildings are added constantly to the skyline.

Photo of the Bund waterfront area in Shanghai with Pearl Tower in the background. ( Photo: R. McInerney)

And about our WS Magazine? We continue to outdo ourselves! Our WS Magazine arrives on January 1st and is all about happiness. BLISS features articles about a neuroscientist doctor of happiness, a courageous seven-year-old named Ava who is changing the face of Rhetts syndrome and a global nutrition expert named Maria Marlow reinventing what it means to be healthy.

Have a super week and we can’t wait to see you on


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