As the clock ticks down to 2020 and the celebrations and stress kick into high gear, we want WomanScape to be a place of contemplative peace. So we’re going to get quiet, very quiet.

If you’re like me, there are a million things to do in the coming weeks – sending cards, baking cookies, and a flurry of celebrations. Taking time to be present can feel impossible.

While WomanScape always tries to offer the gift of reflection, joy and peace all year long with every artful story, we’ve decided to make December about two words: Silent Night. For the next three weeks, we’ll consider these words in three different ways. And, then we’ll actually be silent for the remaining two weeks of 2019. We hope you take time to rest and enjoy family and friends this holiday season.

First Week of December: Finding One Square Inch of Silence

Join published WS writer and sculptor of words, Yara Zgheib this Wednesday as she shares an ‘invitation to pause, listen, reflect, and be grateful.” What better place than the Hon Rain Forest in the beautiful state of Washington. It is a dedicated space in Olympic National Park to protect and manage silence.

Yes this photo is real! Imagine a place on earth dedicated to tranquil peace and silence? After visiting the Arctic region and walking at night through the small town of Qikiqtarjuaq, I know the powerful presence of a silent night. You can hear the sound of your breathing and admire the sky above, without the pollution of light slowly blanketing our stars.

To honor this week of sound, Monday’s WS Art Card is a video link to a soundscape heard by over 13 million people. It’s called Super Intelligence and actually claims to, with repeated practice, help improve your memory and concentration skills. You decide.

Friday, we join the silence of performance artist, Marina Abramovic whose “A Minute of Silence” at the Modern Museum of Art saw millions of viewers vying to sit in front of her to say nothing.

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This week’s Letters from China is in keeping with our theme and features a few streets in the city of Hangzhou, China. With a population of just 7 million, the West Lake community enjoys beautiful views and spontaneous dances on street corners that celebrate the joys of music and dance.

Happy December and see you this week on


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