What does it mean to live your art? Melissa Ayotte is not the first to be an artist that is all in.

But the way she uses her art to form meaningful intentions drives a level of joy and satisfaction that few people ever know in life.

Photo Credit: John W. Hession

WomanScape had the privilege of sitting down with Melissa recently at the SOFA Fine Arts Show in Chicago earlier this month. Melissa shared her passion and connection with nature that is infused in all that she creates.

This interview is the first in a series of interviews with some of the participating artists are SOFA. The world is a better place because of artists like Melissa who help us to question our purpose and to inspire more joyful living each day.

Happy Friday and if you want to learn more about artists we’ve featured at the show, read out digital Artscape Special Edition Magazine and subscribe to our YouTube WS Channel

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