Today, we share the work of French-Tunisian artist eL Seed. His shapes, sounds and letters convey his poetic truth and unconditional love.

So you can imagine how surprised he was when a French fan of his work asked him to create an art install and then asked him angrily to erase his special brand of graffiti and beautiful calligraphy the day he finished it. You see the man living in France had no idea el Seed only wrote his bold-colored artwork in Arabic

For eL Seed, the language shouldn’t matter and everyone should appreciate the beauty of his work even without understanding the words. But the Arabic language frightened the man who wanted nothing to do with it.

Shortly after this happened, a man living across the street from the neighbor that rejected eL Seed invited him to write instead on his wall. If eL Seed did this, the first man would see what eL Seed had painted right outside his door every day. After considering the invitation, el Seed accepted and painted the words, “Open your heart.”

Despite his initial anger, eL Seed realized he had a choice. If he stayed angry, he was giving into the hatred he was trying to change. Poets come from every culture and his beautiful artwork should be a testament to his own tolerance of others.

EL Seed’s truth might not be your truth, but it doesn’t make it any less truthful to him or others who enjoy his work. Like Katya Trabousli’s art featured this Wednesday, it is completely different and truly does “touch your soul before the eyes understand it’s meaning.”

Here’s to hoping we can all be better ambassadors of truth and build peace where there is discord. As WomanScape heads into the weekend, eL Seed’s words about peace from Nelson Mandela are a wonderful reminder of what it means to be truly enlightened, “It (peace) seems impossible until it’s done.”

Have a great weekend, and if you haven’t clicked to see our latest WomanScape ARTSCAPE magazine, please do so here.

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