What meaning do we attach to things that matter most to us in this world?

Maybe you have a favorite book or a childhood blanket tucked away for your son or you pass it along to a family friend to enjoy? For Sarah Hatton, a Canadian conceptual artist, every material and process in her artwork reinforces a message of truth.

Sarah Hatton thinks out-of-the-box. It’s probably what makes her such an unusual artist who blends her passion for art with social activism. Sarah is one of eight artists featured in WomanScape’s newest WS magazine, Artscapes. It’s available HERE and follows the story featured In Wednesday’s article Sarah Hatton on Human Folly.

In the four series of artworks by Sarah, who draws our attention to some of the destructive habits of human beings, her most recent Detachment offers a unique perspective on a new subject for Sarah – our war heroes.

In today’s video story, Sarah shares the vision and creation of Detachment – the celestial map of bronze stars used to commemorate our fallen soldiers while addressing the follies of war.

As we look to the need for greater peace in the world and a growing number of people who take the service of our veterans for granted, Sarah’s video offers a heartfelt reminder about what it means to truly cherish lives lived and lost.

Have a great Friday and let’s never honor those who continue to serve our country and broker peace in the world.

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