Art is the highest form of truth. So find your best version of it and wear it proudly.

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Welcome November! This month is all about the world of art and riveting artists sharing their talents and truths in wonderfully wild and creative ways.

It seemed fitting to take you on this artwalk in this gorgeous wedding dress created by American artist, Jan Huling! Aptly named Affinity, the dress prompts us to consider the patterns and significance of our relationships and traditions, and what binds us together.

Of course, it’s no surprise Jan’s showstopper dress took center-stage at Chicago’s SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Fine Arts) Art Fair this past week. It’s adorned with thousands of beads and ornaments that literally shine a light on many important messages she wants to share with the world.

WS Feature: Sarah Hatton

Each week in November, you’ll meet one of the artists featured in our newest edition of WS Magazine. This new edition is called ArtScapes and provides a curated collection of eight global artists from around the world who use their art to build meaningful change and goodness.

First up this week is Canadian conceptual artist, Sarah Hatton. Sarah wasn’t buzzing around SOFA’s art fair but she caught our attention with her Bee Works Series. It won critical praise as an innovative call to action around saving bees and the harmful use of neonicotinoid pesticides.

It’s made from repurposed bronze pins that the government of Canada discarded after digitizing the records of service men from WWI. The pins show where the stars were in the sky during important battles like Vimy Ridge and Dieppe, and made a powerful show of the magnitude of human loss.

Before reading Sarah’s article on Wednesday, enjoy this Monday’s WS Art Card which blends a quote by American writer Margaret Wheatly with one of Sarah’s works. On Friday, WS shares Sarah’s video message about the story behind her creation, Detachment.

WS Magazine

Stay tuned for our upcoming series of WS ReelTalk Artist Interviews like the one above with artist, Kirsten Stingle. Until then, you have lots to enjoy in WS Magazine’s special volume, Artscape! The artists featured hail from various parts of the world including France, Lebanon, Argentina, and America.Click here to read ArtScapes Online!

As you read this newsletter, I am headed to China to share our WomanScape story in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. I’ll travel with a group of businesswomen for two weeks and explore ways to create cross-cultural support and friendship. I’ll hope to share some of these stories from China, especially after meeting some of the young women from Ching Tien’s mentorship program, Educating Girls in Rural China.

Have a great week ahead and see you on WomanScape!


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