Did you know that love elicits the same chemical response in the brain as an addiction to cocaine?

Science has confirmed the effects of love on our human brain – it put us in what Plato calls “a state of need.”

This week on WomanScape, we leave the subject of angry women and rage behind, and tackle another aspect in our month-long theme around “fallen women.” We consider the destructive role of women in love. But don’t worry – the news isn’t all bad. The world needs love and who doesn’t want to be happy in love?

Yet, the paradox is that love can be a detriment to happiness. Slews of online bloggers and scientific experts continue to debate why women fall for “bad boys” especially when women understand the dangers of an unhealthy relationship. For women like the infamous Bonnie Parker, love had deadly consequences.

WS Feature: The Infamous Bonnie Parker and Love Scientist, Helen Fisher

Bonnie Parker, the girlfriend of the infamous criminal Clyde Barrow, was a victim of love and circumstance. Escaping the Great Depression in America, Bonnie hopelessly followed Clyde into criminal activity because she had nothing to lose. Surrounded by poverty, she knew her love for Clyde would be the death of her but she joined in the robberies and killing sprees that sealed her fate.

We share Bonnie’s story this Wednesday and don’t miss tomorrow’s WS Art Card. It suggests we are all prisoners of love. Friday, we look to the science of Helen Fisher, who shares her insights in a TedTalk video about The Brain in Love.

Helen takes us through some remarkable MRI findings about love’s effect on people who are in-love as well as those spurned by former lovers. Find out how the A10 cell regions of the brain are activated by love and why the chemistry is important to understand.

WS Reel Talk and WS Magazine

It’s good to be home after a fantastic few weeks of traveling in Europe! In case you missed it, there’s a short video about Sonia Delaunay on WS Reel Talk. She was a transformative artist whose work hangs in the permanent collection of the Modern Museum of Art in Paris, France.

Bold geometric designs characterized her work, as she forged a new movement in art. Sonia’s patterns found their way into housewares and fabric designs long before modern-day artists like Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade created their iconic brands.

Look for more story like Sonia’s on WS Reel Talk during the coming weeks, especially as we head to the largest public art show in North America – SOFA at the end of October. Click the SOFA link to see some of the fascinating art as WS covers the event.

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Also, stay tuned for more exciting information about WomanScape’s upcoming journey to China but before we head East, Rose is excited to be the keynote speaker for this year’s We Working Women later today.

WeWorking Women is North America’s most influential networking group of Chinese women, more than 60,000 strong. Congratulations to founders, Hua Yu and Sherry Zhang, who are inspiring the next generation of women by building support and mentoring opportunities for women.

Have a great week ahead, and share your authentic you! See you tomorrow on WomanScape!


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