Embroidered on the inside of her clothing was a phrase, “In my end is my beginning.”

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (1542-1587)


Mary Stuart kept this spiritual message sewed on her as a promising reminder of eternal life. She reigned as Queen of Scotland during the 16th century amidst the turmoil of the Protestant Reformation.

To this day, Mary is one of the most interesting and hotly debated figures in Scottish history. She married four times, gave birth to King James VI – the future King of England and Scotland, suffered the death of stillborn twins, and eventually met her death by execution.

This week on WomanScape, we visit the fallen queen from the House of Stuart. Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned during the last 19 years of her life, even though she was never truly free.

WS Feature: Mary Queen of Scotland

A fairy tale life for a queen was never to be for Mary, Queen of Scotland. Tragic pain and romance followed Mary throughout her tumultuous life. Perhaps, that’s why her story is so riveting. She is, for so many reasons, one of my most favorite stories on WomanScape this month as I travel through Scotland, England and Ireland.

Photo: Stirling Castle, Highlands of Scotland

I’ll share additional vignettes about Queen Mary all week long on social media because there is just so much to say. As you’ll see in Wednesday’s main feature about Mary, scholars disagree about whether or not Mary committed treason and deserved to be executed.

Friday, WS shares more information about Mary by providing a film link and a few comments about the recent Hollywood version of Mary’s life. In it, Margo Robbie plays Queen Elizabeth I and Saoirse Ronan is a captivating, albeit wild, Queen Mary.

Tomorrow, WS features a painting by child prodigy Akiane Kramarik. Her image of heaven for our WS Art Card is Light. It’s a stunning image to compliment Queen Mary’s heavenly hope – to be rewarded for her devotion and prayers in heaven.

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