I said that a fallen woman should be forgiven, but I did not say that I could forgive her. I can’t.”

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

A fallen woman is a woman who has lost her innocence. In history, she has fallen from God’s grace or lost her chastity. When you google the term “fallen man”, there is a photograph of a man literally falling from one of the buildings in the 9/11 Attack in New York City.

The fallen man story is terribly tragic and the only real reference other than three others: the man who falls in love, the fallen men who commit suicide or Gerard Butler in the movie, Angel Has Fallen.

It’s ironic, really, when you consider the double standard for men. After all, who benefits from the fallen woman and when a man falls, he is presented as one who suffers through no fault of his own. He has fallen from depression or economic woes and we are sympathetic.

WS Feature: Veronica Franco

Welcome to October, a most unusual month. WomanScape explores a taboo subject – the plight of fallen women. We’ll likely raise a few eyebrows with some of the featured women like Wednesday’s Veronica Franco. She was far from honorable in the 16th century, living as a courtesan and defying the prescribed role of women to be seen and not heard.

Veronica challenges this notion and uses her sexuality to ascend to the upper levels of society only to come crashing down and rebuked as a witch. For hundreds of years and across many societies, women like Veronica who were not “socially obedient”, were called witches.

Monday’s WS Art Card pokes at the politics of courtesan women, showing how our values are rooted in politics and religion. Friday’s article fast-forwards to a very modern take on the role of sex workers.

It’s frankly a very difficult subject to talk about, especially when you hear what Nicole Emma, a women who works in the industry, has to say. She believes she’s servicing more than physical pleasures. Is she a victim, a businesswoman or both? The answer is more complicated than it appears but the questions are worth asking a world where women are redefining old paradigms.

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Next week, I’ll start sharing my travels as I head to Europe. First stop, a Scottish castle named Gleneagle. It’s considered the Riviera of the Highlands. From there, I’m off to Dublin, Paris and London. In November, I’ll head to China and share some amazing footage around art, food, and the landscape.

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Wishing you a great week ahead and don’t fall for anything but the best that life has to offer. Explore, be curious and be good to yourself and others.

See you tomorrow on WomanScape!


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