Have we stopped dreaming? It’s a question I asked myself recently when two bright young men delivered my much-anticipated Peloton bike this week.

We exchanged stories about hard it was to start a business and whether or not it was truly possible to build your dreams. They were cautiously optimistic, unlike another young woman I spoke to in the elevator later that day. When she saw my “Born to travel” t-shirt, she said she doesn’t think she’ll ever get to see the world.

I couldn’t help but think of my own experiences and have always believed anything is impossible. It’s not because I’ve my dreams have all come true but more about the beauty of youth, hope and envisioning an unwritten future at any age.

This month, WomanScape shared the dreams of actors, writers, producers, and directors involved in filmmaking. To some extent, each of them has shaped their own personal stories and dreams in ways that help compel us to see the world through their eyes. These glimpses into other people’s lives and dreams helps to explain why cinematography is so compelling.

When I stumbled across Dan Pallotta, a well-known motivational speaker who shares his wisdom in this TedTalk on the power of dreams, I had never heard anyone speak about dreams in this way. Dan is all about the power of broken dreams and his personal experience working in the non-profit sector. He shares the surprising conflict that comes from people who are selfless, well-intentioned and devoted to building huge dreams around noble causes.

In today’s shared video, “Dan dreams of a time when we (we)re as excited, curious and scientific about the development of our humanity as we (we)re about the development of our technology. He admits that dreams are lost because we give in to fear and let this impede our love for each other.

Have a great Friday and as you head into the weekend, ask yourself what dreams you’re building and what’s standing in your way. Maybe it’s you. To learn more about Dan, visit his website or consider buying his book When Your Moment Comes.

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