Tears rolled down my face this past week as I watched Oscar-winner Renée Zellweger deliver one of her finest performances as Judy Garland in the film, Judy.

The movie is the film version of the Broadway hit, End of the Rainbow, which focuses on Judy Garland’s final year performing in London, England in 1969.

There’s a particular scene where Renée’s character admits how hard it is to keep dreaming in the face of adversity. I loved this powerful realization and her encouragement when she said, “Maybe the walk is every day of your life and the walking has to be enough. Afterall, it’s all about hope and we all need that.”

WS Week Ahead:

Sherry Lansing, Studio Executive

Dreaming takes center stage this week on WomanScape as we remind each other to dream. Can you imagine a world without dreams? I can’t. But what does it take to realize dreams and to overcome the challenges that prevent us from realizing them?

Wednesday, we feature Sherry Lansing, a woman who dreamed about being in the movies and was determined to succeed.

Sherry got her start in commercials and acting, but soon realized performing was not for her. Loving the industry, she reassessed her dreams and went on to become the first female executive and female President of 20th Century Fox Studios in 1980 and Chairman of Paramount Pictures in 1992-2005.

Sherry doesn’t stop searching and works hard to become her best self. Her journey is echoed in Monday’s WS Art Card with a quote by Judy Garland. Friday, we share the story of artist, Catie Barron who fell in love with the science of flowers as a child. She found a way to blend her love of botany with a career as a floral painter. Her work is uniquely compelling and also speaks to the power of persistence and appreciating the bloom of life.

WS Magazine & TIFF Mania

This week will mark the end of my movie mania at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). You can catch some of the recaps and recommendations on our WS Reel Talk, 30 Movies, 30 Days series. Please subscribe to our YouTube WS Channel.

While I’m popcorned out and feeling pretty salty, watching over 25 movies has reaffirmed my belief in the power of storytelling to transform the way we see the world and each other.

With this in mind, don’t forget to read our September issue of WS Magazine knowing that we’ll donate 20% of all sales to WS Cares to educating girls in rural China (EGRC). It’s an easy way to become a global changemaker.

Wishing you a great week ahead and, if you like what we do, drop us a note. See you tomorrow on WomanScape!


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