This week, Hurricane Dorian slammed the Bahamas and is now raging up the Atlantic coast.

It’s gut-wrenching to see it decimate everything in its path as we watch life swept up by nature’s indiscriminate power.

It is a hard reminder. We must respect nature and follow her cues like a studious filmmaker who hopes to breathe life into stories on screen. Movies show us the best of who we are but they also expose our greatest vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Creatives working in the film industry draw on these experiences and build the kinds of conversation we need to hear through their craft.

WS Week Ahead: Swept Away With Maiden

This week on WomanScape, be swept away by three probing artists and their relationship to water. Wednesday we visit director Alex Holmes’ movie, Maiden. It’s a documentary film tracing the life of Tracy Edwards and her all-female crew, who compete in the Whitebread Round the World Yacht Race.

Tracy refused to drown in the shallow ebb of naysayers and indecision, and found her unlikely calling captaining a ship that took the racing world by storm. With the help of Daisy Ridley (on a roll as the title lead in the movie, Ophelia), Tracy knocks down gender biases as the Maiden sails through turbulence to victory.

To bookend that story we have our Monday WS Art Card – as British artist, Maggie Hambling echoes Tracy’s calling to the sea with her celebratory sculpture, The Scallop. Friday, join us as we share one of our feature stories from WS Magazine CINEMATICS. It’s a coveted interview with Dawn Landes, a singer-songwriter presently on tour in North America and Britain.

Dawn Landes, singer-songwriter on tour in the U.S. and Britain

We featured Dawn earlier this year on WomanScape when she sang about Tori Murden McClure – the woman who Dared to Cross the Atlantic Ocean and rowed into a hurricane. WS writer Yara Zgheib interviewed Dawn for our September issue of WS CINEMATICS.

WS Magazine & WS REEL Talk – TIFF Mania

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Renee Zellweger in the movie, Judy. (TIFF movie review this coming week)

And speaking of change, the 44th Toronto International Film Festival is under way! Rose’s REEL TALK is LIVE on the streets of Toronto. These are a part of our WS Reel Talk, 30 Movies, 30 Days series – so subscribe to YouTube WS Channel if you haven’t already done so.

Wishing you a great week ahead and, if you like what we do, drop us a note. See you tomorrow on WomanScape!


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