“I came out here with a contract. I needed the doe. And I’m going to collect every nasty little cent of it. Maybe more.”

Ida Lupino in One Rainy Day (1936)

There’s something so telling about Ida Lupino, a trailblazing filmmaker and Hollywood’s best-kept secret. The quoted line from One Rainy Day portrays the kind of relentless grit that made her so successful.

Ida came from a band of traveling gypsies and 300 years of family history in the entertainment industry. Both of her parents were in the business, and it was simply expected that would be too.

But the status quo did not work for Ida who wanted women to have authentic and meaninful roles in the film industry.

Ida knew this meant calling the shots as a director and writing the scripts to that would give women multidimensional roles. To do this, Ida overcame incredible bias and stereotypes, working her way up the industry ladder and building new opportunities beyond acting.

When you look back on Ida’s legacy and body of work, it’s hard to imagine she was given so little credit until much later for her visionary success. Today’s video provides a wonderful highlight reel of Ida’s compelling story and her remarkable life.

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