Nancy Baker Cahill makes it possible for you to live in her pictures and her concepts of art.

She does this with the use of a free augmented reality (AR) public art app called 4th Wall. It’s a tool of “public engagement and social practice. It has allowed [her] to share [her] work and studio in 360 degrees, and to collaborate with an unknown group of people who create new contexts and content by placing [her] works in the environments of their choosing, all around the world.”

In many ways, it’s not unlike the wildly popular virtual reality (VR) game that had people running around to find invisible VR pokemon characters. The difference here is that Nancy’s goal is to use technology to break down paradigms and challenge mindsets.

She does this by challenging people to record her drawings and place them wherever they want to, giving them a chance to embed, change and add their own art to hers. It’s collaborative, free and conversational.

What I love is how different this art is from our story a few weeks ago that featured the first humanoid robot to create art. In Nancy’s artistry, technology doesn’t replace human creativity. Instead, people do by harnessing the power of technology.

This fits with Nancy’s goal of making art accessible to everyone. For Nancy, “my goal with all of my projects is to offer unexpected perspectives to new audiences that in turn provoke conversation and affect a broader cultural dialogue.”

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