“The fusion of art and technology is an interface unto one’s self.”

Rose McInerney

Let’s hope this is true. Art and technology can inform and communicate what we feel, think, and know. While this sounds exciting, I wonder about the social, political and economic implications of these collaborations and their potential for both harm and good.

Case in point: the New Museum in New York City recently partnered with two artists, Nick Cave and Pipilotti Rist, and Apple.

The result? An art walk through Central Park that starts at the Apple store with your mobile phone. Virtual images in the sky, the streets, on buildings and in places appear scattered around a 1.5 mile radius.

(Photo credit: Apple, New Museum and artist, Pipilotti Rists)

This is not the first techno-art blend by artists in New York but let’s see how it evolves. Are they simply the latest marketing trend or can people really experience art in meaningful, suspect-free, ways that provide reflection and inform our hearts and minds.

WS Feature: Joan Ball

This week, WS highlights the work of Nancy Baker Cahill in our WS Art Card. Nancy unlocks some pretty astonishing artificial reality (AR) and immersive technology (AI) images for people to enjoy her public art and experience it live. Nancy’s work has been featured in Cannes and Los Angeles, and she hopes people will bring their own creativity to her work.

Wednesday, WS shares the true story of Joan Ball, the first person in the U.S. and the U.K. to harness the power of technology in the dating industry. Joan is largely absent from the history books despite her innovative and trailblazing success.

And don’t head into the weekend without enjoying our Friday story feature. It features British artist, Emma Franks and her ethereal paintings.

As a painter working in the healing arts, Emma offers an escape into emotional learning and peaceful healing through the power of her art. Her story is filled with love and technology-free.

WS Magazine

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