If you don’t live in China, Japan, Australia or Latin America, you may not know about Didi Chuxing.

Didi is the world’s leading mobile transportation platform whose meteoric rise has changed the face of ride-sharing.

A major rival of Uber, Didi moves more than 550 million people each year or 80% of the world’s population using its APP to travel from place to place. It does so with the help of global network of partners and a very sophisticated technology platform built with the strategic vision of Jean Liu.

WS Feature: Jean Liu from China’s Didi Chuxing

This week, WS shares Jean’s story and related issues that provide a timely discussion about the barriers for women who are underrepresented in executive company jobs and in the tech industry. This gender bias is particularly true in countries like China despite the slowly changing landscape.

WS writer Mona Zhang shares Liu’s story and decision to take a risk by joining Didi founder and CEO, Cheng Wei. Liu’s success was not without the challenges, of course, many like those women around the world face when trying to knock down gender barriers – feelings of guilt, doubt and remorse.

When ethical questions surrounding data privacy and safety surfaced during Didi’s growth, and a devastating rape by a Didi driver threatened Didi’s reputation, Liu took responsibility and called attention to the ethical demands that leaders must consider in the tech industry.

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Rounding out the week on Friday, WS goes deeper into the ethical ramifications of technology with a self-described techno-sociologist, Zeynep Tufekci. While tech apps are exciting and provide time-saving shortcuts, they carry risk.

WS Magazine

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