“You can never leave footprints if you are always walking on tip-toe.”

– Leymad GBowee

Unless you are a ballerina dancing your way into history!

The choices we make in life have real consequences. We all know this to be true but tend to think of them as big decisions – whether to marry, what career to pursue or where to live.

But the reality is the small, everyday choices we make say much more about who we are. They testify to the values we say we espouse and the beliefs we live each and every day. These choices define how we live life.

For women like Edith Cavell, who took the Florence Nightingale oath as a nurse before entering WWI, her choices were a matter of life and death. We share her story on Friday during this last week devoted to women who lived fearlessly. Edith’s story is not without controversy but matters little because, in the end, Edith fearlessly traded her life for her values.

Before we meet Edith, join us Wednesday for the story of Kitty O’Neill and her fearless racing career. As a speed racer, her fearless story is certainly different from Edith’s although no less dangerous. Physical challenges and a series of tragic events shaped Kitty’s determination and catapulted her to the top of her field as a trailblazing stuntwoman and land and water racer. Her story is captivating like Edith’s and helps us to take heart and solace in the opportunities of life disguised as hardships.

Have a great week and don’t forget to check back on Thursday when we release our second issue of WS Magazine. It’s a stunning and provocative look at Paradox and it’s role shaping our history and the progress of our global world.

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