“Some women are lost in the fire while others are forged by it.”

–  Anonymous

Two years ago, I visited an artisan glass blowing shop in Venice, Italy.  As I watched the glazier shape the hot liquid sand, turning and shaping it quickly with his iron fork, I wondered what he was making. Would it be a small glass horse or a beautiful colored vase?

What we do with fear is not unlike the art of glassblowing.  Fear can be shaped into something strong and useful – possibly beautiful – or it can become a destructive force.  What we do with it is up to us.

WS Feature:

This week, WS spotlights two women who overcame fear in two very different, life-affirming ways.  Kitty O’Neill suffered the traumatic loss of her hearing and a series of challenges that would have deterred most people from achieving their dreams.  Despite finding herself totally alone in the world in her early 20s, Kitty turned her fear into a successful career as a stuntwoman and record-breaking speed racer.

Fear also threatened the life of Emily Cavell.  But, like Kitty, it didn’t stop her.  Emily attended to both the injured Allied and Axis soldiers during World War One.  As a nurse, she felt ethically bound to fulfill her Florence Nightingale Oath by helping others regardless of their nationality or allegiance.  Sadly, her courageous choice put her in front of a firing squad for treason.

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Get ready… it’s time for the next WS Magazine! Read this month’s WS stories and special lifestyle features this Thursday, August 1st.  Last week we shared a bit about our upcoming travel feature – the Vessel – in New York’s Hudson Yards Project. We hope you’re tempted to read our WS Magazine with this “sweet” lead into the amazing world of Swirlz Cupcakes founder and CEO, Pam Rose.  Simply put, her cupcakes make people happy.

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