Who doesn’t hate rejection? It hurts and scars us in immeasurable ways – or does it?

What being rejected was a good thing and helped us to overcome failure? Yes, that’s right.  Rejection might just be the single greatest thing holding you back and the best way to get what you want in life.

Today’s WS video offers a truly amazing story about a young man brave enough to confront his fear of rejection.

“By seeking out rejection for 100 days — from asking a stranger to borrow $100 to requesting a “burger refill” at a restaurant — Jiang desensitized himself to the pain and shame that rejection often brings.”

After a humiliating experience as a child haunted him well into adulthood, Jia Jiang set about establishing all kinds of unrealistic goals for winning the respect of others and achieving success in business.

But he achieved none of these aspirations until he realized he was responsible for his own defeat.

I know this fear and have run from rejection like most of us do.  Watching this video completely changed the way I see rejection.  If we could learn to face rejection and use it to our advantage, just as Jia did in this entertaining video, we could live less afraid.  Even better, Jia shows us how to maximize the power of NO, harness the new opportunities it can bring for helping us realize our dreams.

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  • Catie Barron says:

    I have watched this Ted talk a few times now. There is a refreshing positive reaction that I feel when someone is so honest and revealing. It is my opinion that we are all interconnected, as Jia Jiang found when he mentioned the doubt that those he approached were also feeling when they were feeling it. It’s that exact connection that is one of my most favorite things about human beings. When we can truly share ourselves and open ourselves to each other, amazing discoveries can be made and we learn that we are never alone in our experiences. Thank you for this amazing share!

  • Rose McInerney says:

    Thanks, Catie for sending this note. Sharing is key, isn’t it especially when so many of us are afraid to be vulnerable. So glad to read your response and to hear you’ve seen Jia’s talk before. I am seriously considering my own 30 days of rejection just to really push myself. We’ll see… Ever-inspired, Rose

  • Denise Enright says:

    I love this talk. Such an endearing story he tells! I instantly connected to his experience and was inspired by his self-realization and plan of action to face his fear of rejection. I left a successful sales job in my younger years because of the constant fear of hearing “No” when asking for a sale – even when I usually heard “yes”! Crazy but not unusual I’m sure. Thanks for sharing this and choosing such a universally relatable issue to explore.

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