“In the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburban Minneapolis, intruders silently murder Luke Ellis’s parents and load him into a black SUV.”

This passage from The Institute is Stephen King’s latest novel coming this fall.  It’s one of his more than 40 suspense books that keep millions of readers entertained. You could say Stephen King is an expert at selling fear.

King knows how to make fear personal.  He can conjure scary images and terrify us.  While we all experience fear in different ways, I no longer enjoy scary movies but am still afraid of many things.

In fact, fear stops us from doing things we might otherwise enjoy, like traveling on a plane because we’re too afraid to fly or applying for a job that we aren’t sure we can handle.

WS Feature: Embracing Self

This week, WS wants to change that by looking fear in the face.  What are we afraid of and how can we overcome our fears?

Monday’s WS Art Card asks us to consider how we see the world and self. Artist Emma Amos says art helps us to examine the prejudices we carry and encourages us to ask hard questions about what we believe.

Wednesday’s Merya Zgheib embarks on a journey to overcome fear and to find answers.  Feeling disconnected from the world, Merya worried she was missing out on something she couldn’t quite explain.  Sound familiar?

Hiking one of the longest trails in the world that dips its toes into eight European countries offered a way for her to wrestle these unanswered questions.

Friday’s Jia Jiang channels us in one direction – learning how to face rejection.  Rejection is one of the things we fear most.  His recipe for 100 rejections provides an entertaining roadmap and empowering insight for us to combat this fear.

WS Magazine

Our next issue is coming soon so we thought you might enjoy a sneak preview of our travel story, New York’s Playground.  Rose shares her experience walking through the Vessel in the city’s new Hudson Yard project. We’ve included a two-minute video of the Vessel’s grand opening to share a bird’s eye view of this architectural wonder.

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