We all know fear. At times, it forces our hand and challenges us to overcome it.

It’s the type that might suddenly find people jumping into action and displaying extraordinary feats of strength in terrifying situations.  The fight or flight response takes over.

Or how about the slow cooker type?  This kind of fear is more insidious and prevents us from doing what we wish we could do.  Maybe it’s having the courage to travel alone or to change a career path?


Suki Kim: photo credit SukiKim.com

This week, WS looks at this second type of fear in our month-long spotlight on fearless women.  Suki Kim, an investigative journalist from South Korea, risks her life in 2011 to go undercover in North Korea.  Despite her fear, she reports on the conditions that people experienced living under the rule of Kim Jon-un.

WS Feature: Suki Kim

In 2014, Suki sat down with television host Jon Oliver of the Daily Show to share her experience.  She had just published her tell-all book, Without You, There Is No Us: Undercover Among the Sons of North Korea’s Elite. 

It was obvious Suki struggled to remain unemotional as she spoke to Jon about her six months working there as a missionary and English teacher.  Suki said kids didn’t know the internet existed and everyone is encouraged to spy on each other.  Suki was sad to leave because she loved the kids and feared for their future.

Join us tomorrow for our Monday’s WS Art Card, which pairs a quote by Suki with the plight of Turkish artist, Zehra Doğan, who served three years in jail for painting her impression of a photograph of a Kurdish town destroyed by Turkish forces.  Wednesday, we present a spotlight feature on Suki Kim by writer, Alexandria Meinecke, followed by Suki’s TedTalk video on Friday.

WS Magazine

The story of Suki Kim’s experience behind the walls of North Korea is but one woman’s journey to discover the truth.

Thank you for following us each week and sharing in this conversation.  And, if you haven’t seen our new WS Magazine, make sure you do.  It’s a broader take on the world and what it means to be FEARLESS and inspired.

If you have story ideas or men and women that you think WS should feature, we’d love to hear from you.

See you soon on WomanScape and have a bold week ahead.


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