Today’s daring story about a woman who crossed the Atlantic Ocean follows on the heels of WS’s Annie Edson Taylor and her legendary barrel ride over Niagara Falls.

In “Annie Edson Taylor: A Stuntwoman Who Dared Niagara Falls”, we meet a fearless, determined adventurer.  She’s unafraid to travel through the U.S. and Canada as a single woman with little cash or means for supporting herself.  Yet, she goes, trusting in her strength and her ability to reinvent her life.

It’s a scary proposition when you think about it. Changing jobs or having a family is nerve wracking but this seems simple compared to what Annie must have felt.  What’s incredible though is also how foolish or desperate Annie must have been to believe this stunt was worth risking her life.

Ocean Storm

Maybe not in the larger context of Annie’s journey but, at the very least, it’s impossible not to admire her fearless independence especially during the 1800s.

Few women would willing do anything this dangerous even though women in history have always been resourceful when it comes to surviving difficulties.  I can’t help but think there’s just a deeper, larger sense of adventure and wonder that compelled Annie.

I was riveted when I first heard about Annie. But I must confess today’s TedTalk given by the enchanting singer-songwriter, Dawn Landes – “A Song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane” – gives new meaning to the words courage, determination, and persistence.

Dawn recounts the perilous journey of a woman who attempted to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, alone and traveling from North Carolina to France.  She managed to get two-thirds of the way there before Hurricane Danielle happened.  With waves the size of a seven-story building, staying in the boat- let alone rowing became impossible. Her boat capsized more than 16 times and was, in her words, “being literally torn to shreds by the storm.”

One Woman Row Boat

You’ll need to watch the video to learn more about the woman in the 23’ x 6’ boat and how the story ends.  So make time to do it – you’ll be happy you did.

The beautiful ripple effects of this crazy, impossible dream continue to flow like powerful tides lapping earth’s shores.  They leave miraculous pearls of hope that inspire new acts of courage and fortitude.

Enjoy today’s video and look for the PEARL in the ending. If it inspires you, consider downloading our new WS Today magazine. It’s our first edition and features other great stories about FEARLESS people changing history.  It’s FREE for a limited time.

For more about Dawn’s tours or to read more about Tori’s story, click here:

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