She refused to give up her money despite the gun barrel aimed at her head. Ironically, a few years later, she went down Niagara Falls in one – a barrel, that is!

You could say Annie Edson Taylor ‘splashed’ into history as the first person to survive tumbling over Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls in a self-made oak barrel.  Until Ellen DeGeneres comically re-enacted Annie’s derring-do from 1901, Annie’s story was relatively forgotten.

WS Feature: Annie Edson Taylor

Join us this week as we profile Annie who kicks off WomanScape’s month-long focus on daring women in history.  Annie story is a fascinating and raises all kinds of questions about why a 63 year-old widow would do something so bold.

Of course, it’s not really after you hear Annie’s many brushes with death –  as a young widower who survived a house fire, an earth quake and a stagecoach robbery where she refused to give the armed thieves her money.

California photojournalist, Denise Benson shares Annie’s story this coming Wednesday, following tomorrow’s collectable WS Art Card.  Friday, you’ll want to check back to hear one of the most harrowing stories of a woman who attempted to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her epic story made the hairs on my arms stand up.

WS Magazine

This week WomanScape is also making history with the introduction of our new magazine,   WS Today.  Our July 2019 feature is aptly named FEARLESS.

Look for link to it on and our social media channels.  It’s FREE but only for a limited time.  WS Today brings you a visual feast for the eyes with expanded new content, updated stories about travel and art experiences, and a new Reel Talk article around women in the movies or streaming series.

Also look for articles about women entrepreneurs, their related products, and our WS Cares projects that invest in women-led projects, businesses and organizations that build a better world.

Be bold and we’ll see you on WomanScape and in WS Today.


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