Nothing lasts forever, even though we’d like to think it does.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher from the 5th century B.C., coined the phrase, “change is the only constant in life.”  This constancy is reinforced, in a dynamic world that is open and reactive in an endless number of ways.

In truth, it’s a difficult concept to understand and accept.  So “Hola!” to the sensational Latina artist, Marta Minujin!  Marta explores the dynamics of life in her art.  By harnessing a whirlwind of provocative ideas and sensations that underscore the constant creative and destructive process of life, Marta uses her art to mimic and explore the larger world.

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WS Feature: Marta Minujin

Marta Minujin, born in Argentina, splashed onto the art scene in the 1960s with the debut of her “livable sculptures.”  Wild and ridiculously bold, Marta uses her life-inspired art to draw attention to social and political issues of concern.

For Marta, art is the creative imitation of life – one that is constantly shaped by people and endless, interactive factors. This explains why she creates unusual, large-scale works and then destroys them, asking us to participate.

For Marta, art and life are impermanent.

Some of Marta’s most extreme art includes a Parthenon of banned books in Germany, a Venus de Milo carved out of cheese in Italy, and a sweet Obelisk in Buenos Aires made from ice cream.  Each is uniquely compelling and drives conversation, something we always hope to do at WomanScape.

Marta’sTower of Books in Buenos Aires

This weekend, we celebrate all the fathers of the world and wish them the art of time and conversation. Live boldly and we’ll see you on Monday with our popular WS Art Card.   Wednesday, we share our main story feature and Friday sparks conversation with a related video.


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